There are a lot of unanswered questions in life, that we just don’t know. And it’s crazy, and amazing that they are a mystery:

The fact that we just don’t know where the world comes from. Whether you believe in the Big Bang, or whether it’s god or some diety. At the end of the day, you can keep asking ‘and where did that come from (yep — I was that kid)’, to ultimately end up with nothing, or maybe a half-annoyed head scratch.

On occasion, I’ll just be walking or around the house, and then it hits me —…

We talk about secular demographic trends quite often. You may have heard the phrases:

“The Nigerian population is going to be the largest workforce in the world by 2050"

“The United States is going to be facing a retirement crisis”

“Japan is going to have to import majority of its labour in the future”

These are all true, and I would like to explore these from a data driven angle to provide some fresh perspectives that will really drive this point home, and shed some light on one of the defining trends facing our world today.

Population trends are a…

Photo by Stephen Phillips — on Unsplash

Big Data for Small Business

Much of the focus and attention on data science, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) falls on huge enterprises and the sweeping, innovative gains they’ve made in the space.

But the reality is that data science is critical to any business and can prove extremely valuable even when executed at a smaller scale.

Whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, chances are you’re facing the exact same challenges in terms of customer acquisition cost, churn, sales forecasting, logistics, or capturing market share — it’s just a matter of making it happen with fewer resources.

And though startups or…

The common rhetoric is that data is the new oil, that data has this edge, and indeed it is a foundational capability of many organizations. You just need to look at companies like Domino’s Pizza, who describe themselves as a tech company that sells pizza to see some of the power of this.

Not every company is in this position however, but many are closer than they think, and with the accessibility of computing infrastructure today, it may surprise you how small an investment it can take to give a view of everything that is going on.

For a small-mid…

I’ll take ETH for a Haiku….

Over the last little while, my internal newsletter to the team — “This week in the Qryptosphere” — covers the surrounding markets, interesting charts, investment landscapes and other ideas and briefs to keep people updated with the world around us.

To spice things up, I end every week with a haiku. Here are is a selection of crypto haikus to make keep you inspired for #cryptospring

Enjoy — these are in order of Volume 1 to 10 :)

Finish one, move on

I write this like a blockchain

Haiku to haiku

Banks are post-paper

But still use paper logic:


This article is geared towards those that are beginning to interact with smart contracts in ethereum.

I’ve been through this a few times — and for those just starting in the space — this can somewhat be an annoying process — especially when trying to get verified on

Typically your files will be in a combination of subfolders — and this article is meant to give a more detailed overview for those that want to get their contracts source code verified. We will do this from scratch for those not familiar with using npm and the terminal.

We will…

When moon? …Jk

I was born and raised into finance. What I mean by this, is not that my family was in finance, but rather that from a very young age I was attracted to the appeal of global capital markets.

I was managing my own portfolio from the age of 12, saving every scrap I could when I was work at my dad’s butchery and bistro in Kenya, and putting that all into the stock market, the Nairobi stock exchange.

I remember waiting in line for the Safaricom IPO, that’s right, a physical line — it was pretty funny.

the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
synonyms:name, ID

The term “identity” draws many connotations. There are different ideas and arguments on what it is, who owns it, and who has the right to issue one.

That is not what this article is about.

Here, we will cover the nature of digital identification as it is used in practice. No pie-in-the-sky ideas with limited relevance to existing economic conditions and regulatory bodies. …

Photo by Paulo Simões Mendes on Unsplash

In the world of ICO (initial coin offering) legislation, no jurisdiction has been more progressive than Switzerland and Gibraltar. They may have received a bad rep at times, but for the most part, they have taken initiative, given some legitimacy to the market and facilitated a more efficient flow of capital into the nascent markets of decentralized finance.

Yes — many arguments can be made on each side about the way the countries are structured, their tax havens, and banking secrecy laws — but in the context of innovative legislation and regulation, all of that is irrelevant. …

iComplyICO has just returned from the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Superconference, which took place in Dallas, Texas.

Among an amazing lineup, attendees and high quality conference exhibitors we had a great time!

From left: Matthew Unger (CEO), Piotr Piasecki (Decentralization Manager), Q (Product Manager)

What really stood out was the business value; during some of the other conferences we’ve attended, we met lots of people — lots of amazing people — but we’ve also seen a lot of fluff. But this time, business was closed, hands were shook and bonds were formed…one would even say ‘immutable bonds’ …. bad joke you can stop reading now :)

From Shapeshift, ULedger, Coinpayments, Tim Draper…

Qayyum Rajan, CFA

Frontier/Blockchain/Macro/Data Science

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